Animal Cracker Cake

April 17, 2015

Tomorrow is a very important holiday, and although not many people know about it, I think it should be addressed. Tomorrow is National Animal Cracker Day! What a great day, right? Aren't you happy I warned you? So now, you have plenty of time to go out and prepare for tomorrow's festivities (aka eating lots of animal crackers.)

This is a very exciting holiday at my house, because animal crackers happen to be my roommates favorite food. I know this might sound a little strange considering she is a an adult (at least legally), but everyone has their thing. And animal crackers are her thing. She also happens to be turning 25 in a couple of weeks. So, I thought, in honor of this wonderful holiday, her upcoming birthday, and the fact that animal crackers are awesome - I would make an animal cracker cake to celebrate. And everyone knows the best animal crackers are the pink and white Circus Animal Crackers. I am not saying that just because they have sprinkles on them - they are really really good and super addicting. So, here is the cake. I hope you like it, and that everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend ( I know things can get a little crazy with these big holidays!)

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