But I Got A Blank Space Baby

July 10, 2015

This week Taylor Swift's Blank Space Music Video became the fastest video to reach 1 billion views on Vevo. That's right - 1 BILLION views. Someone call the police and the fireman because this girl is on FIRE.

In honor of this accomplishment, I decided it was appropriate to make a Blank Space inspired cake. When I first started sketching out ideas for this cake, a lot of them included a Starbucks Lovers theme - because we all know that is what it sounds like - but in the end I went with the traditional lyrics.

In case you don't know them, they go something like this....

Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm insane
But I got a blank space baby
And I'll write your name

This cake is a simple Vanilla Vanilla Cake decorated with a loooong list of names printed on edible wafer paper, and topped off with a homemade chocolate heart.

And in case anyone was wondering - it is a lot harder than you think to come up with 200+ male names. I don't know if that was the world's way of telling me that I need to get out of the house more...or that even though everyone thinks they are so unique and original...they are wrong because they all have the same freaking name.

Comments (2)

Renee Johnson

07/14/15 04:24 PM

This is absolutely stunning! You are beyond talented.

Lindsay Nathanson

07/15/15 05:47 PM

Thank you!

Sarah Lou

07/14/15 03:57 PM

This is brilliant!

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