Cake and Fashion Collaboration

April 10, 2015

While I do love clothes, these days I mostly stick to the leggings and t-shirt look. When I am in the kitchen, it is just the easiest and most efficient - and why would I want to risk ruining nice clothes while I am baking? It's just kind of silly for me to wear anything else. So, I always admire the people who can rock awesome outfits all the time (Taylor Swift). But, it is even cooler when I know them. In January, a long time family friend of mine started a fashion blog called Me and Mr. Jones. And it is awesome! But before we go any further, I just wanted to show you how long I have known Haley.

Adorable, right? Shout out to our moms for absolutely nailing the 90's denim fad!!

Anyway, we are now both grown up and blogging. So we thought it would be a cool idea if we did a little collaboration. I decided to make a cake inspired by one of her outfits. There were so many cool options, but in the end I decided on her "I Heart You" look. I am just obsessed with the tulle skirt! I had no idea you could wear a skirt like that and actually make it look sophisticated and cool. When I imagine tulle skirts, I see ballerinas and fairies. But I guess that is why she is the fashion blogger and I am in the kitchen making cakes! Anyway, I hope you guys like the collaboration and make sure you check out her site here! Have a good weekend!

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04/11/15 01:02 AM

Wow, that cake is gorgeous! Awesome job!


04/10/15 06:56 PM

Love, love, love! So proud of you girls.

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