Holiday Wrapping

December 02, 2014

Holiday time is all about gift giving - and as we all know, gift giving can get a little expensive. For this reason, I usually like to stick with homemade gifts. Today we have taken a few of our old recipes and showed you how to wrap them up for the holidays! Easy, inexpensive, and delicious!


We took our sweet and salty Caramel Corn and wrapped it in a cute little cellophane package.



  1. Fill cellophane bags halfway with popcorn
  2. Cut 3 1/2" x 1" rectangle tags out of kraft paper
  3. Write "a gift for you" in the middle of each tag making sure to leave enough room for washi tape on each side
  4. Put washi tape on each end of the tag
  5. Hole punch the left side of the rectangle
  6. Tie up cellophane bag with red twine
  7. Loop one of the twine pieces into the gift tag and tie a bow


Here we packed our Maple Granola with a mason jar, a scalloped gift tag, and some twine.



  1. Fill mason jars with granola
  2. Stamp scalloped gift tags with desired stamps
  3. Wrap twine around the mason jar two or three times
  4. Attach scalloped gift tag and tie a knot


Ginger Molasses Cookies packed in striped cookie bags and adorned with wooden gift tags.



  1. Place washi tape at the end of each wooden gift tag
  2. Stamp wooden gift tag with heart stamp
  3. Put cookie in striped bag and fold over the lip
  4. Hole punch a circle in the middle of the folded lip
  5. Pull red twine through the hole and around the bag and then attach the wooden tag

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