Mojo Donuts - Miami, FL

December 10, 2015

I was going to Orlando for the weekend to meet friends, but Lauren and I thought since we were already going to be in Florida, we should check out this doughnut shop in Miami. So instead of taking a direct flight from Orange County to Orlando, this is what I did - I drove an hour and a half to the LA airport where my red eye flight was delayed. I slept three hours on the plane, and then one hour on the floor on the Miami airport. I got up, met Lauren at her gate and then went to rent a car so we could make the four hour drive to Orlando after we ate doughnuts. The whole thing was a total pain, but that's what you do when you are on a National Doughnut Tour. You make sacrifices when necessary. And usually, those sacrifices are worth it - but unfortunately for us, Mojo Donuts came up short.

The place itself was dark, moody and had Evanescence playing in the background. I am not gonna lie, I was an Evanescence fan back in the day. But it just doesn't seem like the right vibe for a doughnut shop. Then, we got to the counter, and the people who worked there were kind of rude. This seemed odd, because usually doughnuts make people happy - but these people were not happy. Maybe that's why Evanescence was playing??

Lauren and I are always willing to look past appearances for quality pastries. But, it turns out, the doughnuts were not good either. I had read all these articles about how innovative and amazing the doughnuts at Mojo were. But, every doughnut was the same mediocre yeast based doughnut filled or topped with something different. You can't just throw some Pik Nik's on your doughnut and call it "artisan". It doesn't work like that.

Basically, it was one big disappointment. But, because we flew ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTY, we decided to put up the review anyway. You can see the full review here.

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