Spooky Skull Cake

October 23, 2015

Just about one week left until the big day - and I guess you could say I am a little excited! Although I did have a minor freak out last week when my original costume idea didn't work out.

There was about 12 hours of full on panic. But, I figured something else out - and it actually is going to be even better than my original idea.

Can you say EPIC GROUP COSTUME?! It's going to be great. But more to come on that later...right now we are going to focus on this Chocolate Drip Skeleton Cake.

This chocolate drip technique has become one of my new favorites. I first used in on the Taylor Swift Bad Blood Cake and soon realized it was pretty hard to screw up. All you do is take some melted chocolate and a fork and start drizzling.

I am pretty into this multicolor effect (and the awesome topper I found at Michael's) - but you can also use white chocolate to make it look like a spider's web - like this. The options are endless! Just have fun with it!

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