Hello there.

My name is Lindsay and I love to bake.

It all started with a Martha Stewart Christmas Cookie Catalog. One flip through the 100+ pages of cookies and bars and whoopie pies, and I was hooked.

So now here we are, 10 years later, and even though I still have that magazine carefully protected in a binder, I have come a long way from Martha’s Holiday cookies. Over the years I have added cakes, cupcakes, pies, breads, cheesecakes, brownies- you name it and I have probably baked it.

So why Sprinkles for breakfast?

I made this blog for three reasons:

  1. I often get requests for my recipes- so I decided to compile all my recipes in one place where everyone could access to them all the time. Genius right?
  2. I know there is nothing worse than going through all the effort of baking and ending up with cookies that taste like cardboard. So the recipes on Sprinkles for Breakfast have all been tested in my kitchen. They are all good, REALLY GOOD. I promise you, I wouldn’t share a mediocre recipe.
  3. The name Pie in My Face was taken. I know it is hard to believe, but someone out there actually has a blog called Pie in My Face. Who knew people were as weird as I was? So I thought Sprinkles for Breakfast was a good alternative.

Happy Baking!

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