Tips and Tricks - Measuring

This Tips and Tricks is all about measuring. As most of you know, baking is very different than cooking. It is a precise process where quantity is just as important as quality. When trying to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie, you need the right amount of flour to go with the right amount of salt in order to get that chewy melt in your mouth goodness. Moral of the story - measuring is important when it comes to baking.

And even though every other country uses the metric system, our country has decided to stick with the imperial system. So while everyone else works with grams and milliliters...we are still using cups and teaspoons.

But have you ever noticed the wide range of things that are supposedly "1 cup"?

Some Examples of measuring cups used today....

Measuring Cups

So even though these are some adorable measuring cups, they are not really ideal for baking. There is too much room for error. I tried for a very long time to stick with the cups and teaspoon system...but my friend from France helped me realize that the metric system was really the way to go. (She sent me this shirt to make her point).


So I got a scale. You don't need anything fancy, the one I have is available on amazon from under $30.

It really makes things a lot easier, and a lot more precise. There is a reason the rest of the world has been doing it like this for so many years. So, to make the transition easier for you, I have provided you with a conversion chart. I have this hanging in my kitchen, so even if the recipe is in cups and teaspoons, I can make sure to measure out exactly what the recipe calls for. 

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