Cake Stand Round Up

So I have a confession to make...I have recently become obsessed with cake stands. I mean it makes sense, right? I make a lot of cakes. So it would only seem natural that I would have a soft spot for cake stands. However, I have spent the last few years with the same two cake stands - a small and a large. You see, I just didn't have the space in NYC, so I reused the same ones over and over. And it worked out just fine. But, now that I have moved to CA, and increased my storage space, I have added quite a few to my collection. In all of this, I have learned that a cake stand can make or break your cake presentation. So whether you stick with one basic cake stand or have a huge cake stand collection -  just know that an awesome cake stand can take a good cake and turn it into a great one. So today, I have given you a list of some of my favorites. Each one is guaranteed to make your cake even more amazing than it already is!  

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