Stamped Heart Cake

January 29, 2016

Valentine's Day is around the corner - so I am starting to bake accordingly. My kitchen is exploding with all things pink and red and heart shaped. But like my mama, I love hearts. So I am not really complaining.

Today's cake is a Vanilla Vanilla Heart Stamped Cake. This polka-dot like effect was made with some petal dust and a simple pencil eraser! It's super easy!

Once you have your cake covered in fondant, tack on a paper heart somewhere in the center. Mix the petal dust with a little bit of vodka until it creates a paste. And then use the pencil eraser to stamp around the heart!

And that's it! The perfect Valentine's Day Cake! Make it for a loved one, of just eat in on the couch by yourself while you watch Rom Coms! I don't judge - because let's be honest....I will most likely be doing the second one.

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