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There are a lot of things about being a woman that can seem unfair at times. We have to produce the offspring, suffer through the physical and emotional pain of a menstrual cycle, and we have to bare the burden of carrying around an unnecessary amount of emotions at ALL times. (I am not even going to get started on the unequal pay). So yes, being a woman can be rough. But what I have learned over the past few weeks is that being a woman athlete is even tougher.

Last week I was in a sports bar in Boston. I need you to pat attention to the operative word in that last statement: "sports." This means the whole bar is dedicated to SPORTS and the activity of watching them. There must have been at least thirty TV's in this place playing every sporting event imaginable; however, as the US Women's National Team was about to play their second game of the Women's World Cup... yup, you guessed it...It was nowhere to be found!

I kindly walked up to the bartender to see what was up: "Are you guys going to be playing the soccer game?" He looked at me and said "What game?" I said "The United States of America is about to play in a World Cup game. Do you think we could put it on?"

No one cares about women's sports. I remember being in plenty of bars all of last summer watching the Men's World Cup. It was on in every bar on every TV, even if the US team wasn't playing. And this guy didn't even know there was a Women's World Cup happening...

I have been an athlete my whole life - so I know the struggle of women's sports. But these woman go out there and give their heart and soul to the sport they love - and I think it is amazing. So I try to support in any way I can. Unfortunately I can not actually be in Canada cheering them on, so I came up with the next best alternative - a cake. This week's cake is dedicated to the US Women's Soccer Team. They are playing China in the quarter finals this afternoon and I wish them all the luck in the world! Long story short...GO USA!

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