Wedding Invitation Cake

March 04, 2016

It's no secret that I love making cakes. Big cakes, small cakes, square cakes and drip cakes - I love them all. And over the last couple of years, I have made a lot of them.  Download this pdf

But, in all my experience, I have definitely developed a favorite. The cakes I enjoy making most are my "Inspired Cakes". I have done this a number of different ways - I have made cakes based on music and fashion and fine art photography. I love taking outside inspiration and turning into a edible creation!

But today, I am trying something new - a cake inspired by a wedding invitation. More specifically, this beautiful Floral Watercolor Wedding Invitation...

Becca, the owner of Suite Paperie and creator of this awesome invitation, gave me my first job when I moved to NYC. She also taught me more than I ever thought possible about paper, design, and being a overall badass #girlboss. She also happens to be super talented (she made this this gorgeous little cake topper for me a few months back).

But, her true talent lies in custom wedding invitations. So if you are getting married any time soon, you should definitely check her stuff here. As for the cake, I wanted to do something simple. The invitation itself is clean and straightforward, so I figured the cake should be too.

I took inspiration from the small heart detail on the invitation, and then dressed it up with the design from the floral watercolor liner. I kind of love the simplicity of the whole thing - and of course, I am a sucker for hearts!

So what do you guys think? Do you like the "Inspired Cakes as much as I do? And if you have any ideas for future Inspired Cakes, I would love to know! Leave your ideas in the comments!

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03/06/16 07:16 AM

Wow, Lindsay, you are so talented! The cake is awesome, and I love the idea of inspired cakes. Maybe create a cake inspired by a favorite sand sculpture?!

You've inspired me to look for design inspiration outside of my usual realm and use my favorite mediums of paper craft/book craft/map craft to make something inspired by...[TBD]?! Will be interesting and fun, for sure!

Lindsay Nathanson

03/10/16 12:21 AM

Thank you so much Jules! I love the idea of a sand sculpture! What a cool texture! And I am also so glad my cakes have inspired you to look for new sources of inspiration! I promise you it will pay off!

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