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The Sprinkles for Breakfast Doughnut Tour takes on Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis.

I am going to be honest here...I was not expecting much from our trip to Minnesota - and I don't think Lauren was either. Not only had we never been to Minneapolis, but we both knew literally nothing about it. Most of the time when we take these trips, we either know someone in the city, or we have a list of recommendations from people who have been there in the past. This time was different. We had 36 hours in Minnesota, and only one doughnut shop on our to do list.

As it turns out, Minneapolis is a pretty cool city. If it wasn't for the unbearable winters, I think a lot more people would live there. Seriously...everyone is so nice, the food is amazing, and the city is filled with plenty of culture and personality. It's just those winters...they are not to be messed with.

But more importantly, Minneapolis served up some pretty amazing doughnuts. At this point, Lauren and I have eaten A LOT of doughnuts. So it takes a pretty spectacular doughnut for us to be impressed. And let me tell you...we were impressed. The shop itself has a cool retro vibe, and the doughnuts have quirky names like "Daddy Dearest" and "Girl Next Door". But that is nothing compared to the doughnuts themselves. The flavor combinations are out of this world, and the filled doughnuts are by far the best filled doughnuts we have ever had. Basically, even if Minneapolis as a city had been a bust, the trip would have been worth it for the doughnuts alone. I would fly half way across the country any day to get my hands on these. You can check out the full review and our recommendations here.

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