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naked chocolate cake

Tomorrow my cousin becomes a Bat Mitzvah. For those of you who are not Jewish, a Bat Mitzvah signifies the transition from childhood to womanhood. My cousin has prepared for months for this big day. She will get up in front of a bunch of people, say a lot of stuff in Hebrew, and then hit the dance floor to celebrate her accomplishments. It is going to be great. I mean, who doesn't like a day that ends in a big dance party? But what is crazy to me, is that by the end of the weekend, my 13 year old cousin will be considered an adult in the eyes of the Jewish people. A real life ADULT.

I guess technically, I am an adult too. I did get up and say a bunch of stuff in Hebrew 12 years ago at my own Bat Mitzvah. And now that I am 25, I can officially rent a car without paying an underage fee. (But seriously, who made that rule. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE 25 TO RENT A CAR?!) But, even with all this under my belt, I still don't feel like an adult. I mean, I can barley figure out how to turn my hot water back on when the pilot light goes out (there were a lot of youtube videos involved). And sometimes I wear dirty clothes because I haven't done my laundry in weeks. And then other times I have cookies and Cheetos for dinner (this literally happened last week). So, when exactly does this adult life start? I am sitting here waiting, and it just hasn't happened yet. I guess everyone has their own path, and comes into adulthood in their own time. So for now, I will be on the couch eating Cheetos if you need me. Feel free to stop by if you are hungry.

Now back to the important stuff - the cake. This Naked Chocolate Floral Cake is one of my new favorites. It is simple, delicious and beautiful all at the same time. We took our simple Chocolate Cake recipe and piped thick layers of buttercream between each layer. Then we topped it off with a rose we found outside in the garden. Simple as that. My obsession with naked cakes gets bigger and bigger everyday.

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Lee Ann

Sprinkles, I'm almost 53 and I still haven't figured out how to act like an adult! (And I think Cheetos and cookies make an excellent dinner! Although I prefer Fritos and M&Ms!)
Lee Ann

Lindsay Nathanson

Fritos and M&M's are an excellent choice too!