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nola: the last stop on the national doughnut tour

One day my friend Lauren sent me an article titled "The 21 Best Doughnut Shops In America". This article was shared all over the internet and read thousands of times. Of those thousands of readers, the average person probably scrolled through the article, maybe drooled a little bit, and if they were really ambitious, they looked up how long it would take them to get to the closest doughnut shop. But after that, it would be over. Somehow things went a little differently for Lauren and me. Somehow, this silly article inspired us to embark on the first ever National Doughnut Tour.

So now here we are, two years later, and I can proudly say Lauren and I have traveled all across the country visiting upwards to 30 different doughnut shops, and stuffing our faces with some of the best fried dough anyone has ever tasted. Jealous? Because you should be...we have eaten a LOT of quality doughnuts.

Last weekend we rounded out our tour with District Donuts Sliders and Brews in a little city called New Orleans. There was a little rain...ok more like a lot of rain, some light flooding and a whole lot of thunder and lighting - but we did not let that stop our pure doughnut bliss. It might not have been the ideal way to end the tour, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Basically, the place was amazing. They had an adorable setup, unique flavors and some mind blowing savory doughnut sandwiches. That's right - MULTIPLE DOUGHNUT SANDWICHES. I could go on and on, but I think you guys should just check out the review HERE.

And if you guys want to check out the full tour, you can do that HERE.

I also wanted to thank everyone who helped us make this tour happen! Whether you let us sleep on your couch, borrow your car, or just participated in the eating of the doughnuts - thank you. We love you all! But more importantly...we really love doughnuts.

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