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peter pan donuts - greenpoint, ny

With the National Doughnut Tour nearing its end, Lauren and I decided it was time to make another stop in New York City. NYC is, after all, the best place in the country to go for doughnuts!

At the beginning of the tour we featured Dough, a quality shop that offers creative flavors and a great rustic vibe. But while Dough doles out the cities best yeast doughnuts, Peter Pan takes the cake in the cake doughnut competition (pun intended).

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop has been a local favorite in Geenpoint for over 60 years - and as Lauren and I found out, it's for a good reason. The bakery's retro vibes, cheap prices, and quality doughnut selection make this little shop a NYC treasure. And did I mention that they make doughnut ice cream sandwiches in the summer?

Unfortunately, Lauren and I were not able to enjoy those ice cream sandwiches because this is what the weather looked like they day we decided to venture to Greenpoint...

That's right...1 degree. Let's just say this California girl was NOT very happy. That is, until I took my first bite of that Sour Cream Doughnut. Then it was all worth it. Check out the full review of Peter Pan and the rest of the National Doughnut Tour here.

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Sarah Surette

A doughnut ice cream sandwich sounds heavenly.