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How To Take Food Photos Like A Boss- FREE


Free 1 Hour Webinar where I show you that taking amazing photos is not that hard if you know what you are doing! I will teach you how you can easily start taking photos like a pro right at home!

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How To Take Food Artificial Lighting Mini Course

Perfect natural light is a luxury that not all of us have access to. If you live in a gloomy place or only bake at night, we have a solution for you - this mini course shows you that mastering artificial lighting is really a piece of cake!

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Beyond Baking Bootcamp

4 week online course

Transform your photography skills, master social media and grow your business in just 4 weeks. This course is our crash course for upping your photography + social media game.

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Smartphone Photography Class

You don’t need a fancy camera to take amazing photos! Learn how you can start taking incredible food photos right on your iphone!

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Quick Start Guide: How To Bake Cakes Like A Pro
10 Best Food Photography Props

Sometimes the props are just as important as the food! Learn how to elevate your food photos with the best props for food photography.

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