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For the most part...teenagers are the worst. I know...I used to be one. But every once in a while, they do something to surprise you, and remind you that one day they will be in charge of the world that we live in.

A few weeks after my mom passed away from lung cancer, my sixteen year old cousin, Abby, decided to start a club at her school called Cakes for Cancer. To put in her own words, Cakes for Cancer is a club that hopes to "raise money to help find a cure for lung cancer and to spread awareness about this terrible disease. This club is a way for me to honor my Aunt's life and help to find a cure so that others hopefully will never have to go through what my aunt did."

Basically she is adorable and I love her. I am so proud of her for putting this whole thing together. So naturally, when she asked me to help, I told her I would do anything she needed. Luckily for me, that happened to be in the cake department.

I helped her and a few of the girls in the club bake cakes for bake sales they held at their school and at the local farmers market. To date, they have already collected close to $10,000! Not bad for selling a few slices of cake.

If you would like to help - there are a few ways you can do that. She has teamed up with the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center - so you can make a direct donation through them HERE. Or you can buy one of these cool Cakes for Cancer T-shirts HERE.

OK, I think that is all for today. And remember, next time you're being annoyed by a moody teenager, every once in awhile, one of them tries to change the world.

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Lindsay Nathanson - Baker and Author

I might be the only person in the history of the world that has ever been grounded from baking. That's right. When I was a teen, it wasn't the computer, or the phone or the tv that got taken away. For me, it was the unsalted butter.

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Jules Gipe

Hi Lindsay,

Kudos to you all! What an awesome way to honor your mom and assist with cancer research funding. How great of your cousin to put her idea into motion and start a service club. I love when people's actions surprise us (especially in a positive way). There is hope for the youths, after all! ;)


Lindsay Nathanson

Thank you so much for the kind words! I am really so proud of her! There really is some hope for the youth of this world!