Confetti Cake Tutorial

March 24, 2015

It is never a bad time for cake, especially when it looks like this Celebration Cake we made a few weeks ago. So, we put together a little tutorial so you can make your very own Celebration Cake at home - edible confetti included.

It is really quite easy. All you need is a couple of these Wilton sugar sheets and a hole punch. The sugar sheets can be found at any craft store with a cake section (like Michael's) and they come in all different colors. The possibilities are endless!



1. Follow the instructions to make an 8" Cake. (You will not need the full amount of frosting because you are covering the cake with fondant - I suggest cutting the buttercream recipe in half).

2. Cover the cake with fondant and place onto a plate.

3. Use hole punch to make confetti.

4. Prepare pipping gel in a small shallow bowl and then brush the entire top of the cake, and 1" down the side with the piping gel.

5. Cover with confetti.

6. Transfer to cake stand and enjoy!

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