A Birthday Party For My Dog

May 08, 2015

As we established last week with the Wags and Walks Cake, I really like dogs. And I know that everyone thinks that their dog is the best one, so I am not going to sit here and tell you that Olive (my French Bulldog) is the best dog in the world. But, I can say with confidence, my dog is way cooler than I am. The girl has got four times as many followers as I do on instagram, she has been recognized on the streets in NYC from her pictures on the internet, and she literally stops people in their tracks because she is so darn cute. Oh, and did I mention, she quite possibly has the best resting bitch face of all time? If you don't believe me...scroll down.

Anyway, she turned two this week - so I thought it was appropriate to throw her a little party. It was nothing big, just a few close friends (my roommate, her dog and myself), some dog treats, a really cute party hat and a birthday cake. The cake itself is my Vanilla Vanilla Cake (aka human cake), so Olive did not get to eat it - but I did give her the dog bone cake topper to snack on. So she was pretty happy. Overall, the party was a success - and just another reminder that she is the coolest being (human or dog) that I know.

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