Purple Marble Cake

April 03, 2015

My new favorite song goes something like this - "Oh My God, it's the Weekend! Hands up for the WEEKEND! Oh My God, it's the Weekend! Like every day." While I know it's not the weekend, like every day, today is Friday. So I thought it was appropriate to share. It also happens to be the beginning of a very exciting weekend. We got Easter, Passover, the NCAA finals (go UK!) and it's my birthday. So yeah...I think we should all put our hands up - because it's about to be a really good weekend. But, before I run off and start dancing to this song all weekend, I wanted to share this awesome Purple Marble Cake with you guys. I am pretty much obsessed with it. Everything from the marbled panels to the delicate sugar flower - it doesn't get much better than this! So take a look at it and then go enjoy your weekend! And if you want to check out that song (which you definitely should), it's called The Weekend by Eden XO.

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