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baby's first birthday

Every once in a while you meet someone that forever alters the course of your life. Someone that changes the way you think, the way you see yourself, and the way you look at the world around you. Every once in a while, you come across what I like to call a "game changer". I have been lucky enough to have a few of these in my life, and I can't even imagine my life without them. But today, I am not going to tell you about all my game changers, I am going to tell you about one. In September of 2012, my friend (who just happens to be another game changer circa 1994) and I were in a bar in NYC just minding our own business when all of the sudden some girl's hair caught on fire. Literally, her hair got too close to a candle and it CAUGHT ON FIRE. My friend and I, being the good samaritans that we are, swiftly told the girl her hair was on fire and then quickly helped her put it out. That is how I met Becca. I helped save her friend from a potentially very very bad hair day. It's strange how the universe works sometimes.

I could go on and on about Becca...but for the sake of time, I am going to keep it short. I ended up working for Becca a few months later at her amazing company, Suite Paperie. Eventually that internship turned into friendship, and then that friendship turned into family. In the last two and a half years, this girl has become like an older sister to me.

But as much as I love Becca, this post really isn't about her. It is about her daughter. This is Layla Drew....

I would argue that Layla is possibly the most adorable baby in the whole world, and quite possibly the happiest. I mean just look at her...

That is ridiculous, right? And in a few weeks, Layla Drew is turning one. I am obviously getting on a plane and going to NYC to celebrate, because one is a big freaking deal - but unfortunately, flying across the country with a cake and a dog is not ideal. So as an alternative, I decided to dedicate this week's cake to my favorite baby niece, Layla Drew Goldberg, and her big first birthday! It is a classic Vanilla Vanilla cake decorated with watercolor fondant initials and fresh flowers. It is pretty and quirky, just like the birthday girl herself! So Happy Birthday LDG! I love you and can't wait to see you in a week!

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