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berry season

Summer is all about the berries. And to be honest, it should be - berries are delicious, great for your health, and only really good a few months out of the year. So I think they deserve a little attention. Here is a quick overview on when these guys are at their best.

I myself have an interesting relationship with berries. Growing up, I basically avoided them all together. Something about the seeds did not sit well with me. But in my more mature years (the term mature is being used very loosely here), I have learned to accept the seeds. Except strawberries. I still can't do strawberries.

But in my limited time eating berries I have noticed they go bad pretty fast - which is annoying because they are expensive! I spent $4 on a measly pint of blackberries on Monday, and when I went to the fridge the next day, there were some that were moldy. Not ok. In doing some research, I learned there are a few tricks to having your berries last longer.

One: You are not supposed to wash them. Food52 has a great guide on the most effective way to clean your berries (which involves a vinegar bath).

Two: You should not keep berries in the container they come in. Instead, transfer them to an airtight container lined with paper towels.

Three: If you are going to freeze fresh berries, make sure you lay them out on a cookie sheet or plate for two hours before throwing them into a bag. This prevents the berries from sticking together and giving you one massive frozen berry mess.

So that is literally all I know about berries. Actually that is a lie, I know how to make them into delicious desserts - but that will come later. Be on the look out for some delicious berry recipes in the next couple of weeks!

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Lee Ann

I buy a pack of blackberries, get them home, wash them, put them in a bowl ... one hour later, they've disappeared. Yes, I totally ate them all, one berry at a time. No problem here with berries!
Lee Ann