WTF Is Piping Gel?

Last week someone emailed me a very interesting question. They said…WTF is piping gel?

And you know what, it’s actually a pretty good question. Even though piping gel can use used in a variety of different ways (I literally use it all the time), not many people seem to know what it is. Today I am going to show you the magic of piping gel.

Piping gel can be used in the following ways….

1. Edible Glue: It can be used as an adhesive for anything you are trying to “glue” together. And unlike frosting or chocolate, it’s clear – so it goes totally unnoticed. This is particularly amazing when you are creating wafer paper flowers (like the one above) or like in this DIY Confetti Cake I made.

2. Stabilizer: It can make your whipped cream last longer! 1 tablespoon of piping gel to every 2 cups of heavy cream and you’ve got yourself some extra time to enjoy your fresh whipped cream.

3. Creates Shine: If you wanter down piping gel with a little vodka or clear vanilla extract, you can use it to add shine to your baked goods. You can use it on cakes (especially if you are looking for that stained glass look), cookies or fruit tarts.

4. Preserver: Adding a little lemon juice of clear vanilla extract to your piping gel will still add a little shine, but it will also act as a preserving agent for fruit.

5. Decoration: Adding a little food coloring to piping gel can give you a wide range of options when it comes to decorating. My favorite it adding a little blue and using it as water!

I also used piping gel to create the cake on top of this awesome Sprinkle Cake and on these DIY Sprinkle Cones!

Pretty great, right? You can order piping gel here or make your own from this recipe here.

Lindsay sprinkling her baked goods | Sprinkles For Breakfast

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